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There has been a lot of attention given to the term “customer experience” lately. In fact, there are even shows and events devoted to customer experience like Gartner 360 and B2B Digital Edge Live. I attended both of those events and still don’t know everything I need to about the subject , much less how to ultimately drive loyalty and additional revenue through better customer experience.  Every single time a consumer interacts with a company – whether it’s to open a new account, add an insurance policy, call customer service because a bill was hard to understand –is an opportunity for that company to impress. It doesn’t seem fair that one bad customer experience can undo years of customer loyalty. But that’s often what happens. Today, consumers have a lot of options and are courted every day to try new products and services.    


So where do you go to find out how more about this whole “customer experience” movement or learn about best practices for customer communications management (CCM)?  Now, you can come here: The Exstream Impact blog.  This blog community was created by people who live and breathe CCM and are passionate about the customer experience because it is what we do for a living.  The blog is sponsored by the team behind HP Exstream, a top-ranked multichannel customer communications management (CCM) software solution that empowers business users to make the most of every customer touch point, resulting in a better customer experience.   


We created this new CCM community to provide a central location for the latest and greatest information on customer experience and CCM. Designed for organizations that thrive on customer relationships, Exstream Impact’s mission is to help you learn how to improve the customer experience in a variety of   ways.  But don’t worry, just because  HP Exstream sponsors this platform doesn’t mean you will have to listen to a sales pitch. We will have CCM experts from inside and outside of HP blogging as well as guest bloggers from other areas of this exciting market space. At Exstream Impact, you can expect to hear from:

  • Customers who will share  stories about how they changed their customers’ experience,
  • Our roving reporters sharing the latest news from industry shows and events
  • Popular editors and analysts who follow this space
  • Surprise guest bloggers


This is a new initiative for us and we hope it will evolve into a valuable resource and active community that is visited often. We love new ideas and other bloggers, so please shoot us a note or comment below anytime.    


There are many ways to connect with us so go ahead and subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter, and link with us on LinkedIn . Look for details coming soon about giveaways and promotions designed to help build the blog community and expand our digital footprint. We look forward to connecting with you.


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