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Expanding the Customer Experience to two new digital channels

Here on the Exstream Impact blog, we frequently discuss the importance of multi-channel communications to better the customer experience.  There are two new, up-and-coming channels through which you should consider communicating to your customers: personalized video and digital mailbox services. 


Personally relevant videos and digital mailboxes are getting a lot of attention in the media lately as they have great potential to be compelling communication channels. Consumers are looking for new ways to communicate with companies. In fact,


  • More than 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month and more than 4 billion hours of videos are watched each month.  Interesting videos are drawing the attention of consumers all over the world and companies that capitalize on the video trend and deliver communications through this channel will grab the attention of those with wandering minds.    
  • According to a 2012 InfoTrends survey of household bill payers, 58 percent of consumers indicated that they would like a “one stop shop” to access bills for all of their online accounts. One way companies can help meet consumers’ wants is by delivering communications through a digital mailbox.


At our Americas User Conference this week, HP Exstream announced partnerships with SundaySky, Zumbox and VollyNow to extend its multichannel capabilities to include SmartVideos and digital mailbox services.


So what can companies do with video communications and digital mailboxes to better communicate with their customers?


Video Communications

As consumers increasingly desire engaging, personalized communications about their relationships with businesses, enterprises should leverage the latest technology to meet customer demand.  Video communications offer an engaging way to deliver personalized, impactful communications to consumers in real-time.


SmartVideo provides a compelling way to deliver personalized communications - including bills and statements, account onboarding and renewal information, and targeted marketing offers, among others -  to consumers in real-time through an engaging digital channel. As an example, check out this video to see how AT&T is utilizing video to deliver customer communications.



Digital Mailboxes

Digital postal services offer an alternative to the traditional mailbox, allowing users to access and easily manage bills and statements from multiple companies in one central location online.  Via a digital mailbox, users can pay bills on time with alerts and reminders, print relevant account information pages, follow links to safely pay bills and organize bills and documents with one password. The ability to deliver customer communications to digital mailboxes provides companies with the ability to meet this customer requirement.


Have you ever received a personalized video from a company?

Do you use a digital mailbox? I’d love to hear why or why not.

Please share your overall experience with either in the comment section.

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