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Improve the Billing Experience and Reduce Customer Care Costs through Personalized Video

Guest Blogger: Jim Dicso, CRO of SundaySky


Today’s guest blogger, Jim Dicso, is the Chief Revenue Officer of SundaySky, the creator of SmartVideo, a newer, better, smarter way of using video to communicate with customers. HP Exstream recently formed an alliance with SundaySky to provide a video channel option to its customers.


The idea that providing a better customer experience drives customer loyalty is a widely accepted concept. With customer loyalty comes a heightened willingness to pay for additional services and a higher likelihood of a positive word-of-mouth recommendation.


According to a Harris Interactive survey 89 percent of consumers have switched their services to a direct competitor based on one negative customer experience. Customer satisfaction is vital to the success of organizations that have strong competitors, for example, the mobile devices, clothing or automobiles industries.


For most companies, monthly bills and statements are the primary, recurring touch point that a company has with its customers. Generally, the billing and payment process can be confusing and time consuming for customers, inundating them with pages of information and of course, asking them for payment, this can create a negative interaction. To improve the billing and payment process, companies should look at  expanding communication channels to include customer-preferred formats and devices, as well as  integrating personalized video communications. 


Through video communications, industry leaders are transforming the billing process into a positive, interactive customer experience. With personalized, engaging SmartVideos, companies can now explain detailed account and usage information to customers in a simple, visual manner.  The delivery of video bills can result in:


  • A boost in customer satisfaction 
  • A reduction in customer care costs, as video bills deflect bill-related calls from the company’s contact center and decrease time spent on such calls. For example, AT&T has received a 90 percent satisfaction rating regarding the video communications and received fewer phone calls regarding billing since launching its video bills. 
  • Increased stickiness through uptake in value-added services
  • Increased retention rates, because the bill-related engagement is no longer negative


As today’s customer demands personalized, multichannel communications, converting a negative interaction like billing into a positive and engaging experience is integral to the success and longevity of an organization.  Since positive customer interactions directly correlate to increased customer retention, delivering superior customer experiences communicates the value that an organization places on the customer’s relationship with the company.


Personalized video communications show that companies care about each and every one of their customers, providing extremely relevant interactions in real-time. It is commonly accepted that customers and their opinions rule the world, as one negative experience and a platform to vent can topple established brands. Consumers respond favorably to positive experiences, and video communications can lead to an increase in consumer spending and strong word-of-mouth referrals.

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