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The Next Era in Customer Communications: Multichannel Customer Experience

In today’s world, consumers and workers are more mobile than ever and the lines are blurring between devices and technology people use at work versus play. Companies  are focusing on the customer experience to create differentiation, attract new customers, enhance reputation and ensure loyalty. However, understanding, managing and responding to the customer journey across multiple channels—like website, email, mobile and social—is a challenge, even for the most customer-focused organizations.


Because of these customer demands and market trends, companies  in many industries realized they needed to design and deliver their customer communications for a variety of delivery channels and formats in order to provide a superior customer experience.  To stay competitive, it is vital for organizations to have a customer communications strategy that includes the ability to provide critical information to customers through preferred channels such as the web, SMS, email and mobile applications.


Those organizations that are able to design and deliver targeted, personalized, relevant multichannel customer communications will not only attract and acquire new customers, but also grow existing customer relationships and increase loyalty. It should also be noted that it’s imperative to support consumer preferences as they transition to mobile and electronic communications and emerging media channels while also supporting the compliance, consistency, standards and proven processes of traditional print channels. Printed communications are important and in many cases required, and must be managed along with digital channels for the foreseeable future.


Innovative customer intelligence tools leveraging the full variety of unstructured information available to an organization, including email, social media and call center interactions, are vital to providing the kind of customer experience that modern consumers expect. I look forward to exploring these technologies and approaches in upcoming blog discussions.


In the meantime, you may want to think about the customer experience priorities and approaches of your organization and check out the "Trends & Benefits of Multichannel Communications" webinar with Kemal Carr from Madison Advisors presents results from their multichannel delivery market study.  

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