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Communicating with your customers shouldn’t be so hard

Guest blogger Ed Worsfold, vice president of marketing at Prinova, shares his view on customer communications. 

Mom & Pop stores teach big businesses a customer experience lesson

Remember when neighborhoods were served by Mom & Pop grocery stores? They were small and modest by today’s standards, but they knew you when you came in and suggested the best steaks or picked out the best tomatoes and put them aside for you. As you made your selections, they’d bag them, help you carry your purchase to the car, and deliver if need be.

How to modernize your insurance systems to win and retain customers

In a world of web and mobile access, consumers are flocking to insurance comparison sites, expecting instant quotes and quick response time whenever a claim is filed. It’s a fast-paced reality, compounded by the complexity of most insurance companies’ outdated systems.

HP Relate 1.2 is here!

Never stop improving. It sounds simple, but rings true, and it serves as our unofficial mantra here at HP.

HP Exstream Teams up with HP Enterprise Services for Another Successful CS Week

Guest blogger and HP Exstream Marketing Manager Heather Oliver shares her assessment of how HP Exstream and HP Enterprise Services were able to join forces at CS Week and speak with electric, gas and water utility professionals who are as passionate about customer communications as we are. The event included speakers who have a pulse on the innovation and key learnings in the industry, and also featured panels providing critical insights such as mobile strategies for engaging customers.

HP Relate Selected by Glenroy, Inc. to Drive Sales Productivity and Customer Engagement, Receives Xplor Award

You hear it all the time – it’s about connections. Building relationships with your customers takes a lot of hard work. After completing the research, powering through the legwork and nailing the face-to-face meetings, you want to ensure your customers are left with a lasting impression.



Go green with HP Exstream

Supporting the environment doesn’t have to be difficult, and with HP Exstream you can provide your customers with exceptional communications in an eco-friendly manner. 

“Spring Cleaning” The Office – HP Exstream’s Short Guide to Personalizing Customer Communications

As many of us begin to dig out from a long winter, the time has come to shift toward the annual ritual of spring cleaning. We often think of spring cleaning as a focus on ridding ourselves of excess home clutter, but what about the office? Have you considered the importance of “spring cleaning” your customer-facing documents?

Thinking Outside the Brown Bag

Avi Greenfield, Portfolio Innovation Manager, HP Exstream discusses why the concept of “getting a good deal” has changed, through the years, for retailers and customers.

Exstream Impact Exclusive: Anthony O’Donnell of Insurance Innovation Reporter Says Consumers Dictate the Terms of Engagement

Anthony O’Donnell, executive editor and founder of Insurance Innovation Reporter and former executive editor of UBM Tech’s Insurance & Technology, discusses the “consumerization” of technology and its impact on how insurers engage with customers.

Your Company’s Missed CCM Opportunity

Picture this: The results from your customer satisfaction survey are in and they aren’t good. Your members are finding that the Explanation of Benefits statements (EOBs) you send monthly are difficult to understand, lack clarity and personal relevance, and don’t make them feel confident in managing their health.



Social Media: Your Customer Engagement New Year’s Resolution

 “Social media will trigger better customer engagement in 2014 – from mitigating long wait times to overcoming the automation of call center queues – and if companies don’t tune-in, consumers will switch to another provider, shares Avi Greenfield, HP Exstream Portfolio Innovation Manager.

Navigating the “Switching Economy”

In 2013 alone, 51 percent of U.S. consumers switched to another service provider, citing poor customer service. Not only is this up five percent from last year, it reflects $1.3 trillion of revenue at play in the U.S. market represented by the “switching economy.”

Penning a Winning Email: Conquering the Spam Button with Personalization

How to reach the 43 percent of email recipients who click the spam button based on the sender’s email address or name. 


Deliver a better customer experience

The 2013 HP Exstream Americas User Conference will showcase a variety of new technology solutions designed to improve the customer experience.      

You’ve Got Mail: How Personalization Bolsters Customer Relationships

Avi Greenfield, Portfolio Innovation Manager of HP Exstream, talks to Anna Papachristos of 1to1Media.



Feel the Love: It’s a “No-Brainer”

In part two of his series exploring the untapped potential of effective customer communications, director of BoagMcCann and Chair of the Information Design Association Andrew Boag, explores the ROI that happens once you change your customer relationship status from “it’s complicated” to “in a relationship.” 

“It’s Complicated”: The Relationship Status You Shouldn’t Have with Your Customers

Andrew Boag, director of international information design company Boag McCann and Chair of the Information Design Association, uncovers the untapped potential of effective customer communications in a two part series for Exstream Impact. Join us for part one around how to take the complexity out of your customer relationships. 

Teresa Hansen of Electric Light & Power Talks about the Move from Consumers to “Pro”sumers and How the Utilities Industry has Changed in 20 Years

During CS Week, HP Exstream connected with influencers in the utilities space, including Teresa Hansen, a veteran with more than 17 years of experience in the industry and the current editor-in-chief of Electric Light & Power. We asked Teresa the below questions to gauge her thoughts on the current landscape and future outlook of the industry. 

Direct Marketing News’ Ginger Conlon Discusses Omnichannel Communications

Says the current challenge faced by marketers is the evolution of customer engagement

Why Should Insurance Carriers Bet on Mobile Technology?

Did you know more than 30 percent of insurers already provide some agent or policyholder capabilities via mobile?

From Document Strategy Forum: Seven Ways to Win Customers

Avi Greenfield, product strategist for HP Exstream, presented "Driving Outstanding Customer Experiences with Strategic Content Management" at the 2013 Document Strategy Forum in Greenwich, CT.  

Three Ways Healthcare Providers Can Prevent EOBs from Being Thrown Away

Tom Clayton, HP Exstream Healthcare Industry Specialist, provided this guest blog on how healthcare payers can deliver a better member experience.  

Top 5 Reasons Professionals Should Get Certified

Electronic Document Professional Scott Draeger discusses why it’s important to consider industry certification

Customer Communications: Best Practices and Common Mistakes

Information design expert Robert Linsky shares what he has learned over the last 20 years when it comes to effective customer communications. 

Turn smart meter skeptics into believers through SMS, mobile apps and social media

The smart meter is an electronic meter that keeps detailed statistics on electric, gas and water usage allowing utility companies to retrieve data without traveling to the location.

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